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Types of gamers – know who you are

The personality of a person reflects on all the choices that he makes. That is a proven fact. Whether it is to pick the colour of the bedroom or the video game on the laptop; the kind of person affects the choice. A lot can be deduced based on what games a person plays. For example, an intellectual would choose a game that would enable him to think or arrive at logical conclusions. A dare devil would choose an action-adventure game. So on and so forth.

A video game developer specializes in designing a game to suit the different personalities. He ensures that there is a game that is suited to be played a specific nature. While there are generic games suited for all temperaments; some are suited only for certain psyche. The attractiveness of a game is linked to the character and make-up of the player.

Let’s take a look at the different types of gamers and the choices that they would make in the world of gamers.

  • The loner

There are the loners who refuse to interact with other people in a social get-together. They get all the conversations that they ever need online. They tend to open up and create bonds only with those that they meet online. The lack of face-to-face interactions is a big boon for the loner. They pick games that do not involve conversations most of the time.

A loner picks a game that involves him and the computer. Games that have multiple players online from a different part of the globes are not found interesting by most loners.

  • The legendary geek and nerd

This gamer not just plays the game but studies every aspect of it. The numbers and the data behind the game are learned and analyzed by the gamer who believes he ought to know everything about the game he plays. That, he believes is the secret of his expertise.

These players are in-your-face gamers who will challenge you and your knowledge. They are proud people who do not let go of any chance to show how skilled they are at a given game. They look for games that will bring out the best in them and instigate them to think.

  • Collectors

They believe in old-school games. They are the only ones who are likely to have more knowledge than the legendary geek and nerd. The difference is that while the geek/nerd is ready to show off their skills at every opportunity, the collector needs to be yanked out of his shell. The collector is one who goes back in time and has experience in most games that have been created.

Since they have seen the different genres of games spanning over different lifetimes, they are able to spot the mistake and finding the best deal. A collector is a good one to have when you want an opinion. He is what they call ‘jacks of all trades.

  • The one who cheats

To this gamer, he only wants to win. It does not matter that he got to the finish line fair and square. He looks for cheats and codes online that would help him get extra lives and coupon codes that have not been won during the course of the game. He has no gaming morals. They wish to attain their desires by using often illegal methods and ensure that their paths are covered. They try to increase their scores in order to look better and win faster. They have better hacking than gaming skills.

  • The champ

This gamer is extremely ambitious and needs to be specialists. They do not mind spending hours and hours at one game trying to perfect their move, not just be good at it. They are determined to a fault. They put in all their efforts to get on top of the game. He could be a loner too because he would rather spend his time at a game than at a social event. The lack of contact with real life people is what makes him become a loner.

  • The competitive gamer

This gamer is all about being better than his fellow gamers. His sense of rivalry is much higher than most. The is the player who can thrash-talk his way to victory. He is a bad loser and will work on being better at it just so that he can defeat the others. His incentive at being good at the game differs from that of the champ.

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Who we are

Our company is one of the leading experts in the field of video games.
We have analyzed the different genres of the players.